Consulting and executing interior design projects for private use, commercial spaces, retail visual merchandising and identity, as well as luxury boutique hotels.

With our strong know-how orientated towards originality and innovation, we create turnkey projects down to every last detail, corresponding at every level to the wishes and sensibilities of our clients.

The objective is to achieve,  with our teams of professionals, excellent quality in terms of harmonious volumes, selected materials, finishing, comfort, state-of-the-art technology (integrated illumination) and home automation.

In brief, to create unique spaces which are genuinely warm, where well-being and fluidity are a priority, so that your property touches all of your five senses and evokes comfort and pleasure.


Complete refurbishment, interior design, furnishing, art collection

Building Architect: Charles Lefebvre (Hotel Royal Monceau in Paris)

Singular town house

Interior design, furnishing, art collection

Building Architect: Tobia Scarpa

Penthouse with sea view

Complete refurbishment, interior design, furnishing, art collection

Apartment, jardin du Roy

Interior design, furnishing, art collection

Building Architects: André Jacqmain and Jules Wabbes

Heritage estate

Property development, art collection


Through close collaborations with the best craftsmen and most prestigious brands from all four corners of the world, La Galerie creates bespoke pieces of furniture, with a demand for excellence equally as high with regards to the design as the materials selected. This approach ensures that the end result is one of exceptional quality, which marries visual beauty with a sensory one.

La Galerie is specialized in the work of marble, stone, bronze, metal, ceramics, gold leaf, exotic woods, leather (for boats as well as planes), parchment and beautiful fabrics.


Wood essences
Gold leaf






Technical and ambient lighting

Integrated lighting

Luminaires of exception


Domotics (programming and execution)

«Muy exclusivo: diseño de muebles a medida y exclusiva de líneas creadas por los mejores colaboradores internacionales del sector como Christian Liaigre, Promemoria, Ochre, Ferronier Pouenat, India Mahdavi o Hervé van der Straeten son las señas de identidad de La Galerie. Este establecimiento nos propone conceptos de interiorismo integrado en un todo arte y una selección de mobiliario europeo de muy alta calidad.
Una mezcla de estilos y épocas, con magníficos muebles del siglo XX y vanguardia contemporánea permiten a los responsables del lugar lanzar siempre propuestas muy personalizadas. Del más mínimo detalle a la propuesta global a la medida del cliente, en la Galerie se invita, sobre todo, al descubrimiento, la personalización y la calidad. Todo ello, avalado por el asesoramiento de auténticos profesionales, hace de este lugar uno de los más sugerentes de cuantos se dedican al arte, al mobiliario y al diseño de interiores.»
MARGARITA PUIG – La Vanguardia

Projects executed in Belgium, Spain (Madrid, Costa Brava, Barcelona, Marbella) / The Balearic’s / Andorra / Greece / Italy (Tuscany, Capri) / Mexico / France (Paris, French Riviera) / USA (Los Angeles)

Some of our Clients:

Groupe Accor

Teresa Helbig Haute Couture Spain

Sénat Belge 

Parlement Européen

Co-Housing Project 

LVMH Group

Fiducial Paris

Elena Barraquer Eye Clinic

AZ Capital Consulting Madrid

Banco Madrid


Hotelito Mio

José Carreras

Carmen de Robert